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Soverby Lapa


About Soverby Lapa

Soverby Lapa offers the visitor the opportunity to relax next to the mighty ocean and experience the variety of seabirds, veld flowers and amazing sunsets.
Soverby is the name given to the small piece of coast about 5km North of Velddrif.  The sea adjacent to Soverby Lapa has been known by fishermen since the twenties for the schools of small fish (mainly harders),also cod and bream making Soverby a popular fishing area attracting anglers from all the country. 

The original Soverby Lapa (a wooden structure) was established in 1994 and was loved for its informal dining experiences and parties. Unfortunately it was destroyed in a fire August 2012, the remaining parts of the Lapa after the fire got washed away by a big storm days after the devastating fire.
The Soverby Lapa as it looks today was built in 2015, several role players operated the Lapa from 2015 to 2019. In 2020, the operation of Soverby Lapa was taken over by Gina Smit and Charldo de Kock.  Since 2020, Soverby Lapa has been known for West Coast hospitality, great food, sunset cocktails and a very popular wedding destination.